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Reese Alexander is a TV host and human resources executive known as "The Sassy Suit." She offers career and fashion advice while taking a humorous look at real workplace issues and commentary on pop culture and entertainment. She is never surprised by the offbeat things that people often do and say in the workplace and the ridiculous situations celebrities often find themselves in.

While at first glance she appears as the "corporate suit", underneath she describes herself as a comical, fun-loving person who loves watching TV, James Bond movies (the Sean Connery ones) and Seinfeld reruns.

She loves finding a great deal whether it's a restaurant, fashion, beauty, furniture or home goods. Catch her tweets at on fun fashion deals, bargains and hot trends.

When not styling her friends Reese is an active member and mentor of the Step Up Women's Network which is dedicated to connecting and advancing women and girls. Step Up bridges communities of professional women and underserved teen girls through mentorship, networking and advancement to create a better future. She believes that it is important that we help others and give back. Being open to change and reinventing yourself she believes is critical since we are all a work in progress. Reese stated, "My Step Up girls inspire me to be the best after hearing their stories and it is such a fabulous organization."

Reese loves hosting because of the diverse opportunities that exist and the amazing stories presented when you hear about another person's life. Reese is a writer for Yahoo! Voices and you can catch her career and workplace features on Visit "The Sassy Suit Daily 10 Career Blog" featuring career advice and current open jobs across the country and her webisodes for "The Sassy Suit" and "I'm Just Saying Website TV" at or on or
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